sunday (fynne) wrote in vhstrade,

just thought I would at least try and see....

Seeking and most willing to trade and exchange library list of hard to find strange and unique films. VHS at this time no PAL or DVD.

Seeking: Who Sloo (Slew) Auntie Roo?
Nuts in May (a Mike Leigh film)
The Five Minute Films (1982 TV) Mike Leigh
Alice in Wonderland Films, Videos, etc.
1910 produced by the Edison Manufacturing Company, Orange, New Jersey. US.
1915 Nonpareil Feature Film Company. US. Also contains Through the Looking Glass.
1931 Commonwealth Pictures Corporation. US. The first Alice film with sound. Staring Ruth Gilbert.
* 1933 Paramount Productions with Charlotte Henry as Alice and a star studded cast (Gary Cooper, W.C. Fields, Cary Grant). US.
* 1948 Lou Bunin film produced in France. Appeared in the US in 1951, about the same time as the Disney Alice.

1966 BBC television production, directed by Jonathan Miller. A darker portrayal of Alice.
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