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Want list and list of movies I have and will trade here, along with information about trading with me. Lots of silents. I'm looking for some Clara Bow, Buster Keaton, Takashi Miike, Kinji Fukasaku, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Jean-Luc Godard, and Gregg Araki movies.

fynne! If you're still alive/interested, I have the creepy Jan Svankmajer version of Alice in Wonderland (called Alice).

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Hi I've got:-

1 - Reality Bites
2 - The Opposite of Sex
3 - White Squall
4 - October Sky
5 - A Boy Called Hate

And less impressively

6 - Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
7 - MI: 2

...Too trade

I'm looking specifically for a copy of Christian Slater's Pump Up the Volume, though
1 - License to Drive
2 - Little Nikita
3 - Running On Empty
4 - James Franco's James Dean
I'd gladly be willing to trade/buy as well.

Merry Christmas!

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film stuff that i am clearing out

Hi, I am clearing out after doing a degree in movie production, (i am moving home on July 30th). I have just found a pile of things left over from my studies in a drawer and rather than bin them i thought i would ask if anyone online wants them for free, just the cost of the postage via paypal (i need to get it all cleared in the next few days for the move). its all UK based but i am happy to post worlwide or if you happen to live in Plymouth UK i am happy for you to pick them up.

I have

two copies of the programme from the last Brief Encounters short film festival in Bristol

14th November 2003 issue of Broadcast magazine.

7th November issue of Screen International

Cre8 Studios from Swindon - rate cards, training prospectus

The Arts Institute Bornemouth - prospectus 2005

BBC factsheet on working in journalism

BBC factsheet on working in programme making

Vision Print (Bristol) rate card

National Film And Television School diary of short courses (out of date but gives a good idea of the type of courses they run)

National Film And Television School Prospectus 2004

Card for the Bristol Film Office

pamphlet - South West Screen news (on Bolexbrothers and others)

Screen East's factsheet

Focal Press's brochure of film making books

Anything you want please email me direct on bardic_dreams@yahoo.co.uk
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just thought I would at least try and see....

Seeking and most willing to trade and exchange library list of hard to find strange and unique films. VHS at this time no PAL or DVD.

Seeking: Who Sloo (Slew) Auntie Roo?
Nuts in May (a Mike Leigh film)
The Five Minute Films (1982 TV) Mike Leigh
Alice in Wonderland Films, Videos, etc.
1910 produced by the Edison Manufacturing Company, Orange, New Jersey. US.
1915 Nonpareil Feature Film Company. US. Also contains Through the Looking Glass.
1931 Commonwealth Pictures Corporation. US. The first Alice film with sound. Staring Ruth Gilbert.
* 1933 Paramount Productions with Charlotte Henry as Alice and a star studded cast (Gary Cooper, W.C. Fields, Cary Grant). US.
* 1948 Lou Bunin film produced in France. Appeared in the US in 1951, about the same time as the Disney Alice.

1966 BBC television production, directed by Jonathan Miller. A darker portrayal of Alice.

lots to trade

The Addams Family
good cond.
never viewed

good cond.
bought at yard sale
never viewed by me.

2 vhs set
good cond.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
english dubbed version
good cond.
viewed once

great cond.

Tenchi Muyo the movie "Tenchi in love"
english dubbed version.
pretty good condition

Tehchi Muyo "Trouble hatches"
english dubbed version
excellent condition.

Outlaw Star "The star of desire"
episodes 1&2 english dubbed
good condition.

Outlaw Star "The hunt for a star"
episodes 3&4 english dubbed
good cond.

Neon Genesis Evangelion "Genesis 0:1"
original japanese dialough dubbed with english subtitles.
good condition.

Pokemon "The great race"
english dubbed
good cond.

Pokemon "Picture Perfect"
english dubbed
good cond.
never been watched.

IM me @modestmouse447 if you want pictures and what you're willing to trade for.
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for sale/ trade (UK Based)

I have these videos for sale or trade (i am replacing my VHS collection with DVDs) will trade for goth or Pagan items, or two videos for a regioin two DVD of:
Cuththroat Island
Les Miserables concert
Any of the Babycart films, including Shogun Assassin
Brotherhood Of The Wolf

My tapes and things for trade are:

Patriotism by Yukio Mishima. VERY RARE also known as Yukoku or The Rite Of Love And Death. Its the film Mishima made fantasising about his own suicide. Banned in 1971 by his family. This copy is on CD Rom

Jesus a drama film made by Inspirational Pictures about the life of Jesus, starring Brian Deacon as Jesus. Rated PG, its on VHS PAL format.

Les Miserables The drama film starring Liam Neeson and Claire Danes. Ex rental tape but in super condition. VHS-PAL.

Young Guns 2: Blaze Of Glory a stunning western about Billy The Kid, Soundtrack by Bon Jovi. starring Emilio Estivez, Christian Slater, Kiefer Sutherland.... VHS-PAL.

Lifted A film by Helly Hansen, about extreme skiing and snowboarding. This is a DVD (region 2) and also contains bonus tracks, games and athlete profiles. and comes with a free Helly Hansen sticker.